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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
November 20 2018

CSI St Albert’s


Year 1 had a very interesting start to the morning. When we arrived at school we were greeted with some police tape. There was a crime scene in our classroom! Someone had broken in to our classroom and made a terrible mess. We became crime scene investigators. We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the clues left behind. There was a necklace with a G, red ribbon, two full bowls of porridge, one empty bowl, a lock of blond hair and a hand print on the table. We also found a note left by the suspect which said ”The first bowl of porridge was too hot, the second was too cold and the third was just right” Some of us measured our feet against the footprints and found that our feet were the same size. Once we had looked at all the clues we came together on the carpet to discuss our findings.  We thought that the red ribbon would have been in the suspects blond hair and they were wearing the necklace. We thought the suspect was around 5/6 years old because they had around the same size feet as us. We guessed that the bowls of porridge belonged to the Three Bears. The necklace with a G was the clue that really helped us. We pieced together all the clues and  discovered it was Goldilocks who had broken into our classroom. Following our investigating we created wanted posters to help the police catch Goldilocks.