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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
May 15 2018



Our science topic this half term has been plants. We were very lucky because Mrs Kelly came to help us plant some sunflowers so that we could do observations over time . We each planted a sunflower and will be watching it very carefully and taking note of the changes we see as the plant grows. We also planted some flowers in our class flower bed so that it is ready for the summer.

April 27 2018

Science Week


This week has been science week (23.04.18). We have had so much fun and have been kept very busy with lots of different science activities. On Monday we went to the science fair and had a look at all the different project other children in our school had done. There were eggs that could bounce, volcanoes and slime. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to experience The Astronomy Roadshow. We saw stars, planets and astronauts walking on the moon. We were very lucky on Wednesday to have a visit from Sublime Science. In our workshop we learned about sound and got to make our own slime. On Thursday we tested different materials to see which was the best to make an astro-nappy because we learned that often when on the International Space Station astronauts will be outside for 7 hours without any toilet breaks! We placed each material on top of a dry piece of tissue paper, dropped water onto the material and counted how many drops it took to soak through to the tissue. We found that out of the materials we tested felt was the most absorbent. We have had so much fun this week being scientists!

April 25 2018

Canadian Pen Pals


We are really excited this term because we have Canadian pen pals. Miss Wallek has a friend in Canada who is also a teacher,. Her name is Miss Brook. Miss Brook’s class wrote us letters. Last week we replied to their letters and told them all about life at St Alberts. Once we had written our replies we put them in envelopes, wrote the address and then walked to the post office to send them off to Canada. We went into the post office in small groups, queued up, paid for the stamps and put our letter in the letter box. We hope they write back soon!

October 16 2017

The Gruffalo


We have been learning about the story The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We worked together in groups to act out the story. Once we had practised the story we performed it for the rest of the class.