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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
October 8 2016

Our Learning (Year 3)

Governors At St Albert The Great

Crime Scene Investigation

This term Year 3 had the chance to become investigators. One morning they arrived to school to find their classroom had been taped off. Something strange had happened. Once they were in the classroom they began their investigation. Equipped with their magnifying glasses they began their investigation. They found many clues. They found a golden egg, some paper with holes burnt through it, foot prints and what appeared to be scales. They also read a newspaper article that claimed a dragon had been spotted in the skies of Hemel Hempstead. Following analysis of their findings the children concluded that it must have been a dragon that made such a terrible mess in their classroom. They designed wanted posters and wrote a set of instructions titles How to Trap a Dragon to ensure the dragon was safely returned to where it had come from.