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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
October 1 2016

Year 4

Governors At St Albert The Great
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Welcome to Year 4!

We have completed our first 6 weeks of the new school year.  Where has the time gone?!  Year 4s have settled in well with Mrs Schauffer and are showing a responsible and positive attitude towards their learning.  Well done. 🙂

I am especially proud of them as they have formed a very good routine with their spelling and reading homework.  Keep persevering!  Hard work pays off.

In Mathematics, we have been busy with place value and times tables.  We are moving onto addition and subtraction.  In English, we have been busy with our portal stories and nearing the end of that section.  In Science, we are discovering all about Sound.  In Geography, we are having great fun learning about ‘All around the world’.  The class has also been very busy with cross country training, contemporary dance, tag rugby lessons and recorder.  Incredible!

We are enjoying ourselves inside and outside the classroom with lots of laughs and stories to share!

[New photos will be added next week – slight technical error today!]