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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
December 4 2018

Decorating the woods – 4th December

Helen Ansell

We enjoyed decorating the woods in preparation for Christmas – from Christmas trees and nativity scenes to Christmas grottos and wreaths.

November 27 2018

Year 4 – Week 4

Helen Ansell

This week, we built on our woodwork skills by creating ornaments from wood and nails. We needed to use our perseverence learning power to cope with wonky nails! We also made deluxe dens with sliding doors.

November 19 2018

Year 4 – Week 3

Helen Ansell

This week we worked in teams to put together a ‘woodland experience’.  Everyone had  great ideas – from Hogwarts to target practice. We had woodland coins to spend as we visited our friends’ activities. At the end we discussed which learning powers we had used in doing this – it was nearly all of them!

November 13 2018

Year 4 – Camp Fire

Helen Ansell

We were struck by the beautiful autumn colours this week. We talked about the science of leaves changing colour and played a matching activity.

Everyone enjoyed helping prepare their cinnamon French toast cooked on the campfire. It was delicious!

November 6 2018

Year 4 – Week 1

Helen Ansell

It’s great to be back at Forest School. We enjoyed adventuring and exploring in the Autumn leaves, making dens and devising games to play.

October 15 2018

Year 2 -Week 6- Autumn Leaves

Helen Ansell

The rain did not put us off our adventures this morning! We enjoyed discovering new fungi that had sprung up in the damp conditions.  Using the ancient art of leaf pounding, we made bookmarks using the autumn leaves. It was interesting to investigate which colours worked best.

October 9 2018

Year 2 – Week 5 – Camp fire cooking

Helen Ansell

We have been really looking forward to this week! After learning about the fire triangle and fire safety, we set about collecting fire wood. After sorting it into sizes, we built our fire and cooked our sausages. We all agreed that they tasted better than sausages cooked in the oven!

October 2 2018

Year 2 – Week 4 – Whittling Gnomes

Helen Ansell

Learning a new skill gave us a great opportunity to practise our perseverance learning power. Do you like the gnomes (and zombies) that we whittled?

We also had fun planning and revising as we made a swing and a den kitchen from rope.


October 1 2018

Year 2 – Super Hero Day Forest School

Helen Ansell

Super Hero day came to Forest School this week. We whittled our own superheroes and attached an eyelet ready to attach them to our zip wire. We experimented with the steepness of the zip wire to see if it affected how fast our superhero travelled.

September 25 2018

Year 2 Week 3 – den building challenge

Helen Ansell

This week we were den building – trying to create a deluxe den with woodland facilities. These ranged from kitchens and gardens to zip wires and burglar traps! We even had a visit from FS1 as they came to explore the school grounds.