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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
October 8 2016

Home Learning Activities (FS2)

Governors At St Albert The Great


Reading – Top Tips

    • Read to your child every day.  Talk to them about the book.  Encourage them to look carefully at the pictures. Ask questions and encourage them to also predict what might happen next or give an explanation as to why something has happened or why a character behaves the way they do
    • Help your child practise sounding out their ‘word cards’
    • They should point under each ‘grapheme’ in a word as they ‘sound out’
    • It is vital for your child to ‘re-read’ the book over again.  Maybe they could try reading it to a sibling, family friend, grandparent, family pet or teddy.


Phonics – Top Tips

  • Practise the phonemes that we have been learning in class. Your child should be able to say them quickly or point to them as you say them.  If you are not sure of the correct pronunciation of the phonemes then click the link.
  • Help your child practise the ‘tricky’ words.  Encourage them to ‘spot’ them on signs, labels and posters while you are out and about.  Can they spot them in the books you read to them or in magazines/newspapers?
  • Sound Hunt – How many things can you find that begin with a sound?  Can you make a collection of pictures or objects?


Physical Development – Top Tips
To help your child strengthen their ‘pincer grip’ which is used to hold their pencil, encourage them to do some fine motor skill activities using their thumb and fore finger. Examples could include:
• Picking up small items, such as raisins, beads, dried pasta and moving from one plate to another.  How many can move in 1 minute?
• Pick up items using tweezers e.g. cotton wool balls, scrunched up pieces of foil/paper



Maths – Top Tips

Counting – Count everything! steps, pieces of fruit, cutlery etc

Number Hunt – How many numbers can you see?  Look for numbers everywhere!  Door numbers, car registration plates, price tags, on signs etc

Shape Hunt- Look for 2D ‘flat’ shapes and 3D ‘solid’ shapes in the envirnoment e.g. road signs,

Look for shapes around the home.