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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
October 21 2021


School Office


Our vision is to ensure that every children has the opportunity to participate in lessons that provide learning and support for their emotional, social, relationship and physical health.


The intent of our PSHE curriculum is to provide children with an accessible curriculum in which they can know more, remember more and understand more. Life to the Full is a fully resourced scheme of Work in Relationships and Health Education (RSE) in Catholic Primary Schools which embraces and fulfils the new statutory curriculum.

At St Albert the Great, our PSHE curriculum aims to enable our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. Through the implementation of a successful curriculum, children will be equipped with an understanding of the rights and responsibilities, appreciating what it means to be a member of a diverse society. Ultimately, the aim of our PSHE curriculum is that children will be able to fully understand the world in which they live and therefore, grow closer to God.


At St Albert the Great, PSHE is taught through the use of Ten Ten Resources, a unique, progressive and effective Catholic scheme of work, aiming to prepare children for life, helping them really know and value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world.

Taught with a spiral approach to learning in which pupils will revisit the same topics at an age-appropriate stage through their school life, the programme includes teaching about personal health, physical and emotional well-being, strong emotions, private parts of the body, personal relationships, family structures, trusted adults, growing bodies, puberty, periods, life cycles, the dangers of social media, where babies come from, an understanding of the Common Good and living in the wider world.  The entire teaching is underpinned with a Christian faith understanding that our deepest identity is as a child of God – created, chosen and loved by God. The programme is fully inclusive of all pupils and their families.

The Programme Pathway provides pre-planned lessons that can be tailored to meet the requirements of every pupil in the class.  Content and resources match the learning taking place, cover statutory requirements and are age appropriate. The suggested extended activities are particularly helpful to class teachers who can plan and deliver original sessions using the resources provided in the programme.  Units can be taught in any order, although there is a suggested preference, and can suit the learning needs of the children at any particular time.


Each Unit of work also has an Assessment Activity associated with it.  Not only is it be important for St Albert the Great to assess whether the outcomes of the programme are being achieved, but also to demonstrate evidence of progress. As Relationship and Health Education is now a statutory subject, thorough evidence of assessment will become even more important.

Ten Ten Resources provide one simple Assessment Activity to each Unit of sessions. The activities take into account the Learning Objectives of the sessions within the Unit and provide before and after evidence that learning has taken place.  The working booklets allow teachers to formatively assess to ensure children are on track and enable them to pick up on misconceptions and discuss any issues arising at the time.