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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
September 18 2018

PGL 2019 Blog


Thursday 27th September

By day four, the children all knew the importance of filling up early to fuel the day. There were no empty plates at breakfast, possibly because these kids love scrambled eggs. 

Group 1 (The InDASStructables) and group 2 (The Unbelievables) were lucky enough to unite at the climbing wall for their first activity: climbing. The kids transformed into Spider-Man as they climbed their way up before ringing the bell and taking a trust fall, floating to the bottom like “An Angel!” 

Meanwhile, Mr Mac’s Little Macs were perfecting their archery skills. But hold up and move over Mr Mac, Robin Hood now has a new crew of merry men (and women). Bulls-eyes were hit from all directions with a promise of trips to Australia for some children. 

Lunch was pasta with tomato sauce (and cheese for those who were brave enough to ask). The kids emptied their plates quickly as the moment had arrived that they had all been waiting for- kayaking.

Everyone changed into their old clothes and “shoes that can get wet” with the promise that no-one would come back dry. No-one came back dry. The sun shone as we all climbed into our vessels and grabbed our paddles with excitement. After bum-shuffling into the water the children were floating around in no time, enjoying the showers of water that were being catapulted across the lake by the PGL instructors. “SWIMMER!” we shouted as those who were mad enough plummeted themselves into the water. A few skills lessons and small group games led us into a whole class session that involved paddle knocking and screams of “Sushi!” “Big Mac” and “Vegan Pizza!”

After a few more wet games and more children ”accidentally” falling in, we were finished. Thank goodness for the sun that still shone as we worked in teams, pulling the water-logged boats onto slippery land- yes… Mrs Dass fell over twice!

The session ended with some hysterical backwards bum flops into the water. We marched back to the rooms, took off our wet clothes and hopped into warm showers. Never has a shower felt better! 

After a dinner of chicken bites, chips and rice pudding, the children donned their wackiest clothing (imagine pants on heads, toilet paper hair and backwards clothes) in order to enter the ‘Wacky Races’. Sarah, our Groupie, was overwhelmed by the acting skills of these kids who convincingly won the lottery before losing their ticket and responding appropriately. The teachers definitely got an insight into what these children do when they lose something valuable.

The kids slept really well at night as the four days of activities had caught up on them. 

We now have packed bags and full tummies and are completing our final activities of the week. Looking forward to seeing parents at 4:30 tonight. Turn your washing machines on! 

Wednesday 25th September

Some were woken up by the rain tapping on the windows this morning; others were lucky enough to sleep through to the wake up call. Following another hunger-satisfying breakfast of sausages, beans and mushrooms, we all grabbed our waterproofs and marched off to our first activities. 

For those that were buggy building, it wasn’t only a wet affair but a muddy one too. Luckily, it was only Mrs Dass that got a face (and mouth) full of brown sludge- the rest managed to wait until lunchtime before their next meal. 

If they thought tying Japanese knots in the mud was difficult,  it was nothing like the ‘Vertical Challenge’ that everyone faced that morning. Try climbing a wet wobbly ladder followed by four vertical tyres, a climbing wall and rope grid all the way to 30+ feet in the air. Despite the jaw-dropping height, the resilience of every team member was commendable and peer encouragement was in abundance. 

After a lunch of filled baguettes (along with the usual salad bar and fizzy squash), the sun finally made an appearance. Hooray! Layers and layers (and layers) were removed as wet shoes were kicked to the curb and Mr McIlroy sported some trendy sunglasses. Children were hoisted high in tandem with a friend before taking the ‘Big Swing’- a sudden plummet followed by a hair-raising swing was the only objective and the kids (swung) passed with flying colours. Move over Thorpe Park Pirate Ship, there’s a new attraction in town!

For many, the highlight of the day was the trip to the PGL souvenir shop… it would be a shame to spoil surprises. 

Fish fingers and potato wedges put smiles on tired faces whilst others found that the Chinese noodles gave them the boost they needed. Most of them ate their dinner excitedly as the promise of ‘sweet time’ was too much to bare. 

Following a gruelling room inspection, the children were rewarded with the sugar rush that was needed to complete the evening activity under a clear sky of stars: Passport to the World. It was incredible for the teachers to learn more about how much the kids know about different countries. Unfortunately, Google Maps was not an option despite a number of children now owning new IPhone rubbers from the souvenir shop. Instead, the children used team work and determination to decipher the map and crack the codes. 

Another great day for Year 6… most importantly, the children went to sleep “excited for tomorrow”.

Tuesday 24th September

Excited murmurs filtered through the rooms on Tuesday morning as the children waited for their 7:30am wake-up call. Following a breakfast of bacon, hash browns, porridge , cereal and toast, the children were refuelled and energised for the busy morning ahead. On cue, the heavens opened and waterproof jackets were zipped up securely in a bid to stay dry.

We promptly divided into three activity groups before heading to our first challenges of the day. Abseiling for some, rifle shooting for others- one group even found themselves bouncing up and down on trampolines (with some extra challenges thrown in for good measure). The rain continued but nothing managed to dampen the spirits of this year 6 class!

Grateful cheers echoed down the lunch line as it was announced that sausage rolls were on the menu. Full tummies were met with satisfied smiles and (finally) a break from the rain- just in time for an afternoon spent skimming down the zip-wires and fencing with friends.

Round three of food was accompanied by chips; agreements were made that PGL food was “better than school”. A quick stop to the cabins to pick up sweets and then a sing-song walk to the campfire. Songs were sung about bananas, pirates, anacondas and ham and eggs. We proudly won the competition against the other schools which was largely due to our incredible enthusiasm. Returning back to our cabins later that evening, we concluded that a lot had been accomplished in just one day.


It was just minutes before the sound of snores snuck their way under the cabin doors.


Monday 23rd September

Year 6 arrived to PGL eager and excited for the week ahead.  After finding their rooms and meeting their Leader, Sarah, they were given the grand tour of the incredible surroundings.  Dinner was an exciting affair with a range of food to please any taste…… and please it did!  After full tummies of sausages, lasagne and seconds of pudding, we enjoyed a night game of capture the flag.  Those with torches guided their friends in what was a challenging but fun game.  Believe it or not, the children were excited when we announced that it was bed time.  Showers, pyjamas and a nighttime prayer meant that (almost) all of the children were asleep within the hour.