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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
September 21 2016

Forest School

Gemma Tompkins
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Forest School

At St. Albert the Great Catholic Primary School, we are fortunate to have, not only a new and bespoke school building, but also a superb outdoor area. This includes a fantastic spinney, which is home to our ‘Forest School’.

We are delighted to provide weekly opportunities for our pupils to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in our woodland.

Led by Mrs Ansell, a qualified Level 3 Forest School practitioner, our pupils take part in a range of inspirational activities from shelter building and woodland crafts, to cooking on open fires.

Our ‘Forest School’ perfectly complements our whole school focus on ‘learning powers’, allowing the children to take supported risks and become resilient, independent and creative learners.

In addition, our pupils have the opportunity to take part in regular outdoor activities at lunch-time.

‘In 2011, UNICEF, asked children what they needed to be happy, and the top three things were time (particularly with families), friendships and yearningly, ‘outdoors’. Studies show that when children are allowed unstructured play in nature, their sense of freedom, independence and inner strength all thrive, and children surrounded by nature are not only less stressed but also bounce back from stressful events more readily.’


‘KITH, The Riddle of the Childscape’ by Jay Griffiths’