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St Albert The Great Catholic Primary School
October 1 2016

FS2 (Reception)

Governors At St Albert The Great

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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

Thank you for looking at our page. In FS2 we enjoy all different types of activities such as cooking, music and movement and trips to the Spinney, so look out for photos showing us learning through play by clicking on the ‘Our Learning’ tab.

The FS2 children and staff regularly invite parents to ‘Stay and Play’ sessions.  This is an opportunity to find out what your child is doing at school, discover how they are learning and explore their classroom environment with them.  Last year, the FS2 parents were invited to come into class for a number of ‘Stay and Play’ sessions.  On one occassion, the children had the opportunity to share their prior learning about the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper with their parents.  They served them some tasty pumpkin soup that they had prepared and made during the week.  During another session, parents were sung Christmas songs and treated to home made mince pies before working alongside their children to make decorations for the classroom. Our most recent ‘Stay and Play’ session was a Phonics Based Learning Session.  Parents were invited to watch a Phonics lesson and they then had opportunities to play a selection of phonics activities and games with the children. The feedback we receive about our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions is always very positive and the children thoroughly enjoy planning the next session.  Some of the comments last year included:
‘I really enjoyed spending time in the classroom and seeing how much fun she is having whilst learning.’

‘I had a lovely time!  There is so much for the children to do and I can see why my child enjoys coming to school so much.’

‘A lovely environment’

‘It was very interesting to see what they like doing at school.’

‘Fantastic opportunity to come and join in with the fun in FS2!’

‘Awesome fun…great teachers!’


Clearly label EVERYTHING that comes into school with your child’s name – fleeces, coats, shoes, water bottles, hats etc.

Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school each Monday. The children can rinse and refill them with fresh water throughout the week and they can be taken home on Friday for a thorough wash.

We are always available if you need to talk to us about anything – please just ask.

Thank you,

Mrs Lulham (FS2 Teacher and EYFS Leader)